Getting it right

Posted: Sunday, June 17, 2001

The other day I had occasion to drive through the construction zone at the McNugget intersection. The extensive work at this site is proceeding nicely with minimum disruption considering the scope of the work and the construction activity being undertaken. The state of Alaska and the City and Borough of Juneau have worked cooperatively to improve this key transportation hub and elected to relocate overhead utility lines below the ground, a feature that will improve the look of the area.

In addition to making necessary vehicle traffic improvements and removing power poles, the state is also making significant improvements for bicycles and pedestrians. These types of "connectivity" improvements will greatly benefit residents of Juneau.

Hopefully future transportation improvements in this vicinity will link up the proposed "Under Thunder" trail for bikers, hikers and cycles in manner similar to the popular Mendenhall River Trail.

It's nice to see that the state and local planners got this project right. It's even better to see the work being completed in an efficient manner.

Joe Geldhof


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