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Letter to the Editor

Posted: Monday, June 17, 2002

The annual Sealaska meeting is over. Once again the same old directors were put back in place. How? The board once again protected its own by electing the incumbents with the discretionary votes. This kind of vote does not seem to be wanted, at least by the shareholders at the meeting.

They are also the same ones that are spending the permanent fund, without asking the shareholders if they want to do so.

The loss, over the last two years, to each shareholder is at least $9,000. So I guess some people think that Sealaska is doing a good job. I do not think so. I sure could use that money elsewhere. How much was it that we received per share?

The last thing that I will talk about is respect. Being an independent candidate for the Board of Directors, I would think that common courtesy would require that a person be shown respect at all Sealaska doings, but this did not happen. I went to the reception held Friday and all the directors that were present (some did not bother to show up) were introduced. There were no less than two independent candidates present (invited) and some directors from another corporation (also invited) none of whom the chairperson or any one else bothered to introduce. This also happened at the annual meeting. This is not only a lack of common courtesy but also against everything the Native cultures teach. I have run for other offices (non-Native culture) in different places, at which, each and every time I was present the person running the meeting introduced me. At this time I have to wonder why Sealaska is so afraid of the independent candidates.

Thank you to those of you that voted for me. I will run again next year. See you then.

James G. Brouillette Jr.


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