Kodiak fishermen agree on price

Posted: Monday, June 17, 2002

KODIAK - Kodiak salmon fishermen began fishing Sunday, ending a five-day stand down after signing a contract Friday with a local processor.

The fishermen had been staying onshore while the United Salmon Association held price negotiations with processors.

"This has been a grim week for our fishermen, but the gains in price offset the loss of six fishing days," said Thom Wischer, chairman of the United Salmon Association.

The group reached an agreement with True World Foods, formally known as International Seafoods of Alaska. Fishermen agreed to a price of 59 cents a pound for sockeye salmon and 7 cents a pound for pink salmon. Fishermen could receive more depending on market conditions after the fishing season closes.

Since none of Kodiak's remaining processors had accepted the terms of the deal, all fishermen in the Kodiak area were selling their catch to True World, regardless of their previous affiliations.

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