Murkowski's appearance of action

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2004

I was struck by a recent headline in the Anchorage Daily News: "(Lisa) Murkowski touts support for tax cuts that opponents couldn't vote on." The article goes on to say that Sen. Murkowski is running television ads critical of her opponents in the Senate race because they didn't vote for President Bush's tax cuts, even though they don't serve in the Senate and had no opportunity to vote on these issues.

To me, this incident tells you a lot about Sen. Murkowski. We all know she lacks legislative experience, but presumably hoped she would grow into the job. In Alaska, we expect our elected officials to earn our respect by working hard and building a record of accomplishment, not by resorting to clever word games or trying to create the appearance of action. Regrettably, in her year of Senate experience, Lisa Murkowski has proven more adept at the latter than the former.

Ariel Rolfe


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