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Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, June 17, 2005

The Murkowski administration has successfully angered this entire Southeast corridor with his "outlook" on the ferry system.

We, in the northern Panhandle, have had ferry service from Juneau, to Haines, then Skagway, back to Haines, then back to Juneau for over 40 years. Why don't we have it now?

Why is it necessary to "study" this Petersburg-to-Juneau run in the winter, and let the promises of last fall to Haines-to-Skagway for six- to seven-day-per-week service, in the winter, knowing that our route is the one that makes money go unfulfilled? Whom are we to believe?

The "study" that has been in progress for the past year and one half should be enough to "wonder" if these fast ferries will be able to service the communities in question.

We have the worst water in the winter than anyone. So the ferry can be delayed; so it may not run at all. So why the study to study someplace else, like Petersburg? And they already promised Cordova.

Interestingly enough, these communities are already serviced by Alaska Airlines.

And on statewide news, Murkowski now suggests the state-run the ferries to Bartlett Cove, so Alaskans can visit Glacier Bay.

Oh great, let's go tonight! What the Sam Hill is going on?

I am angry. We at Fort Seward B&B are already out over $600 this season, due to the "ferry tales" of this administration. Compute this out through our community, and this amounts to millions of dollars lost.

Please talk to Beth Kerttula in Juneau, and Albert Kookesh in Angoon. Bring back our connection to Skagway, and give us back our daily, "on time" ferry service.

I will not take this lying down. We need to scream about this to the top of our lungs. This is not the last you will here from me.

Norm Smith


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