I was unhappy with the Twin Lakes mud-pit

Posted: Sunday, June 17, 2007

In her June 8 letter to the editor ("Unhappy with Twin Lakes playground"), Lauren Swift wrote: "Why take the one big green area around here and fill it up?"

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Excuse me, but has Swift looked around Juneau lately? The thing I would call "the one big green area" here is this little national forest called the Tongass. We're surrounded by green, undeveloped land, and my kids get to explore and enjoy it all the time.

When I think of how Twin Lakes used to look, I don't remember too many folks playing Frisbee every day. It rains too much here for that.

I remember the huge mud pit that kept my kids from playing at the base of the hill. It wasn't ever boot-sucking mud for my adult Xtratufs, but have you seen how tiny rain boots are for a 3-year-old?

As long as we (yes, we; I helped in my spare time) did a reasonable job re-working the drainage for the area, I'm sure the park will be an enjoyable addition to Juneau for years to come.

Case E. Harris


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