Palin thanks AEL&P

Posted: Tuesday, June 17, 2008

As governor of Alaska, I am thankful to the employees of Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. for all they did to restore hydroelectric power to Juneau. Their crews worked around the clock, seven days a week to make that happen. I and all the citizens of Juneau appreciate their dedication and commitment in reconstructing the damaged lines and towers in record time.

Juneau faced a serious energy challenge in electricity costs due to losing 1.5 miles of line and several transmission towers from the hydroelectric power plant at Snettisham because of the avalanche that occurred April 16. The plant is vital to Juneau, as it provides 80 to 85 percent of Juneau's electricity to its public, private and commercial properties.

With a fivefold increase in power rates due to present diesel prices that Juneau faced, and an initial estimate of three to four months to restore the city of Juneau back to Snettisham hydro power, citizens responded with extraordinary conservation measures.

Juneau residents are to be commended for their efforts in reducing energy usage and cutting the fuel consumption to run the backup generators. And because of the incredibly hard work of AEL&P teams, a difficult situation was remedied in a fraction of the time.

Sarah Palin

Governor, State of Alaska

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