Ramones-inspired punk party to feature 5 local bands

Posted: Thursday, June 17, 2010

KXLL-FM will host its first punk show this weekend in an event that honors punk-rock pioneers the Ramones. The all ages show begins at 9 p.m. Friday at the Juneau Arts & Culture Center.

KXLL program director Andy Kline said people have been asking him when the station was going to throw a punk rock party for three years.

“I think the Ramones are the epitome of fun, bop-around punk rock,” he said, adding that he has seen the band perform eight times.

Five bands will perform at the show, each of which will play at least a couple Ramones covers, Kline said, in addition to their own songs.

Some bands were more willing to agree to this plan than others, he said.

“I kind of twisted (the Revengencers’) arms,” he said. “They’ll definitely be putting their western-death-metal stamp on the songs.”

The Basterds, on the other hand, already have Ramones tunes in their repetoire, Kline said, as well as the music of other early punk bands such as the Dead Kennedys.

Other acts include Mammothbone, which Kline described as “a power trio in the grand tradition of RUSH and Triumph,” and popular local act The Booby Traps.

A fifth group not included on the poster is Maybe its Reno, a two-person band that only recently returned to town from Portland.

The station regularly schedules live music events, such as last year’s Cinco de Mayo party.  Kline said he feels that promoting good local bands is part of his job.

“Obviously this is a fundraiser but I also feel like its part of the mission of the radio station,” he said. “We should be doing stuff that directly connects to our audience and helps to make Juneau a better place for young people.”

Admission is $5 and prizes will be awarded for the best Ramones costume. A full bar will be available courtesy of the Rendezvous.

On July 3, the station is collaborating with Twisted Fish owners in a pre-fireworks event that includes the Lonesome Stars and the Filejerks, to be held at the restaurant, outdoors, weather willing.

For more information, contact Kline at andy@ktoo.org.

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