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Posted: Sunday, June 18, 2000

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As a staunch supporter and former board member of KTOO, I have sat by quietly and watched the transition from no commercials to more and more elaborate sponsorship messages. I can live with the so-called sponsorship message as long as it is delivered in a monotone by a staff member. But yesterday I heard a real, professionally-produced commercial for the cruise ship industry. I know times are tough and I guess I'll finally have to admit KTOO has sold out. I hope next time they have a membership drive they don't use that old line ``we don't have any commercials.''

The letter to the editor from SEACC in Friday's paper leads us to believe SEACC is looking for common ground and balanced use of our resources. It seems they have fought against every development project proposed in recent years, and that their real goal is to lock up all of Southeast Alaska for the exclusive use of backpackers and kayakers.

The downtown core area and boat docking area is small with no future hope of expansion. One solution to this problem is to gradually move the cruise ship docking facilities to a yet-to-be-determined location out the road. This compromise would relieve the noise pollution factor along Gastineau Channel, allow more room for tourist businesses and tour buses, and greatly improve the life of channel residents.

The reason some people hear less helicopter noise may be because people in Tee Harbor are hearing it more. Let's quit the shell game and vote for initiative this fall.

I have two things: One, the Word of Mouth about not every citizen in Juneau runs red lights - that was an accident and he shouldn't be totally ostracized for that. Two, if the Peace and Quiet Coalition would just shut up maybe we could all get some sleep.

To the person who complained about the helicopter noise and having the windows down and wearing ear plugs: Don't let the door hit you as you leave. We don't want people like you around.

To Judge Weeks: I appreciated your thoughtfulness and concern in considering the Church situation, and as an Alaska Native I would only hope every judge would take the time to think and discern what's going on with each person.

After the charter boat fisherman get killed off by the commercial fishermen, it'll be the resident private boat owners who are next. All sports fishermen are targeted. You've got to divide them up before you can kill them off.

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