Unhappy in Hoonah

Posted: Sunday, June 18, 2000

On June 14, I spoke with Tommie Lee of the National Park Service at Glacier Bay. It was explained to me that making an exception to my particular case involving the ``interim payments'' for Dungeness Crab Processors could not and would not be considered.

She then explained that the ``interim payments,'' as well as the program itself, was set up by Sen. Stevens office and the Department of Interior. And that the National Park Service had very little to do with that portion of the process.

It is very wrong that I am forced by these decisions to file bankruptcy. If the people involved investigated the situation, they would have known that my plant processes hundreds of thousands of pounds of Pacific Cod and Dungeness Crab from Glacier Bay. Someone did not do their homework.

Pacific Cod was never mentioned in the public notices, prior to the exact criteria being put in place there was no public notice in my community nor to the city of Hoonah to warn or advise of this pending disaster.

I may loose my home of 23 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars, IFQ's and other permits I sold to build this business. What has been done to me is wrong - it may not be illegal, but it is wrong. I will be pursuing legal remedy.

I feel my votes for Sen. Stevens for the past 15 years have been very poorly used. The people that were looking into the impacts of this decision did a very poor job.

I suppose thanks are in order to Sen. Stevens for driving the last nail in the coffin for my business, my family and several other employees' lives here in Hoonah. As for being a proud, patriotic veteran of Southeast Asia, I am thoroughly sickened that I defended such a country that would do this to someone and not correct the obvious mistake.

David E. Bowen


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