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Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2002

I read with astonishment City Manager Dave Palmer's statement in the June 16 Empire about the proposal to build a heliport in Thane.

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He said, "In fact, in the meetings we've had with the folks from Thane, there's general acceptance of the idea that they wouldn't even hear the helicopters. And then the concern shifts to buses on the road."

Certainly, Thane people are concerned about traffic safety and traffic noise if buses serving a heliport are trundling down our narrow, shoulderless road, passing bikers and joggers and walkers.

But the survey the Thane Neighborhood Association did of Thane residents (and shared with the city) also clearly shows that Thane people are extremely concerned about the helicopter noise that would accompany a heliport, not only the road traffic noise.

Nearly 60 percent of the respondents felt that a heliport at Dupont would mean an increase of helicopter noise for Thane, and more than 80 percent felt that a heliport at the Sheep Creek shore site would result in an increase of helicopter noise.

Thus, it is incorrect that "the folks from Thane" have a "general acceptance of the idea that they wouldn't even hear the helicopters." And the city has copies of our survey results, showing how great the concern is on that issue - as well as on the road safety and road noise issues.

Larri Irene Spengler

President, Thane Neighborhood Association

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