Diatribe was usual Rush to judgment

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, June 18, 2004

B. Wright's diatribe about Rush Limbaugh (June 13) was the usual propaganda that is now sadly becoming "mainstream progressive thought." If you believe it, it must be true. Nevermind being truthful as long as your fabricated points are made.

Rush's addiction to pain medication is now very well known. Rush's doctor, in an effort to remedy the intractable pain caused by a disc problem in his back, prescribed the pain medication to him, which would be legal, not illegal, as Wright would imply. Faced with the decision to have his back operated on using a procedure where his larynx would have to be moved, thus endangering his career or trying to treat the pain, he obviously chose the pain medication.

Unlike other celebrities, usually progressives, i.e. Darryl Strawberry, Robert Downey Jr., Nick Nolte and Courtney Love, Rush admitted to his addiction (before being ordered by the court), sought help, received treatment. The case should be closed. However, politics seem to be more important to the Palm Beach state attorney than helping the recovering addict. Florida state Sen. Mandy Dawson, a Democrat, was caught in the act of attempting to fill a forged prescription. Following her very loud, "I'm a senator, you can't arrest me" rant, she was arrested and had charges filed against her. After the senator completed treatment, the Florida state attorney's office dropped all charges against her. Which in my opinion was the right thing to do - she was obviously addicted. Why is Rush held to a different standard?

If anything, Rush is more of an "example to the children" (your words) in his admitting to his addiction, seeking treatment, and moving on with his life. He should be heralded for his example of what can become of a recovering addict. If this would have happened to Oprah she would have made the cover of Time Magazine and been lauded for her courage. I'll take one honest talk show host over a thousand of the left's most pious. To this day there have been no charges filed against Rush, which makes your imaginary points untrue.

Furthermore, could you please quit using the left's favorite "for the children" line? Keep on crying wolf and we won't know when you really mean it.

Earl J. Lear II


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