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Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, June 18, 2004

Anytime someone who is identified as a state employee and long-time leader of the Alaska State Employees Association crawls out from his cubicle and writes an article about how terrible management of the union has become, you can bet he probably doesn't have enough to do at his job.

In his "My Turn" piece Wednesday, Dennis Gellhouse expresses concern that ASEA members don't support the organization anymore and are apparently willing to settle for whatever the state gives them. Mr. Gellhouse would like members to think he is concerned for their better opportunities, but as a former business agent for ASEA from 1996-2000 I recall that quite a few of these "leaders" have found their little niche in state government and only squawk when personal interests are at stake. State employees in the General Government Unit were sold out a long time ago by ASEA leaders. Anyone who didn't play the game was treated as children might treat someone they didn't like on any particular day. The list of laughable antics of these union buffoons can be easily reviewed by searching Juneau Empire archives.

Since Mr. Gellhouse was one of the founding members of ASEA, perhaps it's time for him to do something meaningful to distinguish himself; he could petition the Alaska Labor Relations Agency to pull the GGU out of ASEA, and he could begin a drive to create a new union - for all these people he cares so much about. Or, he could return to his cubicle and get back to work.

Donn Liston


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