In hard times, thinking of old ways

Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

People are talking about global weather.

It is the people who are causing the weather change. We are going against the creator.

People tell me that I am too old-fashioned, but I am right. I remember the Great Depression as a kid, and they said that there was another one coming that is going to be tougher. I feel for the kids who are coming. My heart goes out for the kids.

The older people are not paying attention. They think this is going to be here forever. If the depression comes, there will be no more handouts. How will people survive? The price of oil is high.

I am burning wood and using oil only when it gets really cold, but people are not thinking that way.

We have to start thinking about the future for our kids. How are they going to make a living when their families are not talking to them that much.

I remember when I was young, we had some really tough times. For a while, we had to do without most everything because all of a sudden it was just gone. No blueberries or game could be found, everything just disappeared. We lived near Nenana then.

In those days, we had good medicine people.

They talked to the medicine people and told them our kids are starving. So the medicine people made medicine one night until midnight. They told all the young people that tomorrow around noon there would be something going across the river and sure enough, around noon a big bunch of caribou were crossing the river.

The medicine people took that with them when they died because they were afraid that the young people would hurt themselves with the stuff.

I am going to continue to speak about this until enough people hear me and take action.

Howard Luke


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