Outside editorials: Problems in Zimbabwe and Sudan demand action

Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The despotic rulers of Sudan and Zimbabwe recently have plunged their countries into further turmoil. The United Nations and governments around the world must take tangible actions to help the millions of people now suffering in those Africa countries.

In Sudan, the United Nations should insist on dramatically expanding the peacekeeping force promised almost one year ago for the troubled region of Darfur.

More than 26,000 troops were supposed to be there by this time. Instead, fewer than 10,000 are on the ground. And military troops have attacked some U.N. forces, trying to sap their will for staying in the Sudan.

President Omar al-Bashir has succeeded in cowing other nations into delaying help for the people of Darfur. For instance, the Australian government finally announced this month what it would send to Darfur: 10 military logisticians. But Australian officials conceded they still needed approval from the Sudanese government.

Al-Bashir recently extolled his attempts to make humanitarian aid available to hundreds of thousands in Darfur. But that was a sham, according to U.S. Deputy Ambassador Alejandro Wolff.

He said food rations had just been cut in half at a camp he visited in early June.

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