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Posted: Monday, June 19, 2000

Having fought for years against sexual exploitation of women I was appalled to see the front page headline story in the Sunday paper featuring ``The Men of Seduction.'' I know the Empire would never stoop to printing a picture of stripping women with men screaming, ``Take if off.'' Why does the Empire have a double standard? Sexual exploitation of any kind is appropriate, printing is as news is appalling.

I am appalled with the Empire. Have we run out of news in Juneau, in the state of Alaska and in the entire world? It must be because why else would the Empire run a story about male strippers on the front page.

(Six other callers voiced similar views.)

The Empire's Sunday edition devoted one half of the front page to male strippers. Everyone quoted overwhelmingly approved the show and the reporter painted a very positive picture of the profession. Compare that to your quarter column on page five about fathers. What kind of message are you trying to send on Father's Day or any day for that matter. (Three other callers voices similar views.)

Male strippers on Father's Day, sex change operations on Mother's Day - do we really need a tabloid in Juneau? I'd rather have a newspaper.

If you're going to do an article about girls in bars watching a strip show maybe they should be referred to as women.

Some of the articles in yesterday's sports section would have been better off on the front page.

All the same old Romans were reelected to the Sealaska Board. I would like to see the true tally of that vote and the true numbers of how much they are losing instead of the public relation spin about the corporation's profits.

I guess the Peace and Quiet Coalition has more support than Destination Alaska predicted.

Why don't all the tree-hugging environmentalists in this town get together and do something about the attitude pollution in this column?

When a public servant starts attacking citizens does he still deserve to be in office?

I noticed that bikes have been disappearing from lawns and back porches. Why do the police think it is the owner's fault if those things were on private property? People shouldn't have the right to steal something just because it is not locked up.

Would anyone who has any complaint about Juneau, please leave.

I too had a bad experience with the V.A. provider Alaska Regional and I also got a big bill.

In defense of the expired sea lion, you should not be splitting word definitions. If the defendant was found guilty, let's make it a deterrent for other trigger-happy killers.

Save our salmon. Let's get rid of all non-resident fisherman, non-resident boats and cannery workers. And don't sell any fish out of the state of Alaska. Save them for us and let's not sell them to anyone else.

I agree. David Landrum should not be allowed to write for the Empire. And neither should anyone else who knows their subject matter and tries to make a positive contribution to our community. Besides, have you heard the terrible noise that comes from snapdragons?

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