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Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2001

Title and firm: Raphael Betit is the owner of A.R.R.K., a new tour company with its own bus. "The name comes from using the first initials of my family creatively," Betit said.

Family: Wife Ana; son Raphael, 8; and daughter Kristen, 5. Ana will be accompanying her husband on tours requesting a Spanish language narrative.

Services: A.R.R.K. will serve cruise ships, the airport, family reunions, birthday parties, anniversaries, hotels and motels - any groups of five or more. "I plan to hit all the major sites, such as the Governor's Mansion, the State Museum, Chapel by the Lake and the Mendenhall Glacier," Betit said.

"I am a gregarious, friendly person who can get along well with people. I tend to be straightforward but diplomatic and have a lot of experience working with the public in libraries dispensing information."

Folklore and anthropological information will be tops with A.R.R.K. "I took a lot of historian Wally Olson's courses, and I know a lot of stories about the otter people. If I drive by Old Dairy Road, I know the reason it's Old Dairy Road."

The A.R.R.K. bus seats 24. It officially began tours on June 16. A basic tour of an hour and 45 minutes costs $34.

"Since I have lived here so long, I would like to be able to show visitors the sites where Juneauites really hang out. For example, I would take them to Sunshine Cove and Tee Harbor," Betit said.

Background: Betit, 45, has lived in Juneau off and on since 1968. "I have a broad range of experiences. I been a corrections officer for the state, a right-of-way technician and a delivery person. I spent the most years as a library technician with state, federal and local libraries, including the state library and the (U.S.) Forest Service's library."

Quotable: "My tours will stress the spiritual aspect of life here. Greater Juneau is an opportunity to see the world closer to how God made it. The area where New York City was founded was paradise; now it's all cement."

Contact information: E-mail A.R.R.K. at His phone number is 789-3861. Tours will run through October.

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