Easy come, easy go

Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2003

I need to apologize for voting for Carl Brodersen for the Juneau School Board.

I must have misunderstood his intentions of serving, or more accurately, not serving, once elected. Having won the prize of the popularity contest there seems to be no reason to fulfill the commitment of service. Easy come, easy go, eh, Carl?

Having voted for Daniel Peterson, and being delighted with his commitment and concern for our schools, I thought it a stroke of vision to have two younger people as representation on the Juneau School Board.

Carl's actions speak loudly: I am in it for me and if a better offer comes along, game over, I am history.

It causes me to wonder what would have been if his teachers had felt the same way about him.

Well, he has broken the way paved by Dan Peterson for young people to serve, and I remain truly sorry for having been part of his election.

Kathy Buss


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