Best bus system

Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2003


n to your article about Capital Transit receiving its much-deserved award. A world traveler, in my opinion these drivers are the best. Dennis drives mornings on the Douglas route, Ben and Robert on evenings. As an older "legie" at the State Capitol, these three gentlemen gave me more insight into my adopted city than any tour guide I could have hired. Not only smiles but my name greeted me as I boarded the bus twice each day for two years. They even taught me how to connect to grocery stores and make my flights at the Juneau airport via the bus system - packages, luggage and all. My son worked in Juneau these past five months and he had nothing but positives to say about this transportation service. Alertness, dependability, humor, sincerity and warmth - no doubt this award serves as a tribute to the employees' special character traits, also. Congratulations, Juneau! Here's hoping you realize how good you've got it!

Rory Schneeberger


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