The trap not set

Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2003

We have a bear problem on Montana Creek. A bear killed our dog last week. Hauled her out of the doghouse in an unprovoked attack.

Fish and Game has their bear trap in our driveway, but they won't catch any bears unless they open it and bait it!

The trap has been in our driveway for eight days but has been open only Wednesday and Thursday nights. Two nights. The trap was closed Friday night for the weekend. They didn't have personnel to supervise it.

Monday we were told they wouldn't open the trap because we haven't seen the bear in the area. Fish and Game won't catch anything unless the trap is open and baited!

Bears are unpredictable but this much we know: This bear killed a dog. It could easily have been a child, a hiker, a camper, a tourist.

Fish and Game needs to do their job and show their willingness to protect the public by making every effort they can to trap this killer bear.

Tish Forrest


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