Forced to choose

Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2003


hout extended kindergarten, parents who can't afford to pick their children up from school will be forced to pay for RALLY until the regular school buses leave. So we are taking the poorest parents and subjecting them to additional expenses. The school board and district admit they have no idea how many children will fall into this category. These families should not be forced to choose between food and shelter or school for their children. This idea severely limits these families access to the free and appropriate education that was promised. What good is education if you can't get your children there and more importantly get them home again? So what is in our future? As I gaze into my crystal ball I see a day where school buses are a thing of the past, or our school district follows others and starts charging a fee for the service. Where does that leave the children? They are left standing on the side of the road to education without a bus to take them there.

Jodi Rumph


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