Experience renewed woman's faith in people

Posted: Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a happy experience I had on June 7; I lost my purse.

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If that sounds contradictory, it is. Nevertheless, the resolution was happy, and I wish to thank the honest person who made it so.

I shopped at Fred Meyer that morning, loaded my purchases into the back of the car and left for my next destination. When I arrived there, no purse. I realized I must have left it in the shopping cart in the parking lot at Freddy's.

Trying to call the Fred Meyer customer service desk is an exercise in futility, so I rushed back to the store. On that stressful drive, I mentally listed the inconveniences facing me as I changed credit cards, got new identification, replaced my favorite coin purse and pens, applied for a new handicap-parking permit, etc. The cash, less than $100, was not as important as the other items in the bag.

Customer service had my purse, and absolutely nothing was missing. Whoever brought it into the store did not leave a name, but they know who they are. I thank them with a truly grateful heart.

I think it is the renewal of faith in the basic honesty of some people, perhaps even most people, that made the event a happy experience.

Renee Guerin


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