Discovering the GoddessLife within all women
Juneau residents will have the opportunity to discover the goddess within themselves next week when nationally-renowned performer and belly dancer Dolphina comes to town.

Festival to highlight Russian culture through dance and music
Russian culture played a significant role in Alaska's past and Alexander Dolitsky wants to ensure it continues to do so well into the future.

What's Happening
Hooligan Calendar

Take my rhubarb...please!
A friend recently shared a tongue-in-cheek reminiscence of how, back on the east coast, people in his community would lock their cars towards summer's end to ward off waking to find it not rifled through and tape-deckless, but stuffed with zucchini by some anonymous gardener. Zucchini larger and heavier than a newborn were left on doorsteps under cover of darkness. You get the idea.

Help the economy: drink beer
In 1932, in the midst of the Great Depression, Prohibition was still in effect. Workers were losing faith in the government and the government's willingness to help the people out in times of trouble, and Prohibition only increased this distrust and resentment.

Apple unveils faster and much cheaper iPhone
Addressing one of the biggest complaints about the iPhone - the high price tag - Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Monday celebrated the device's one-year birthday a few weeks early by unveiling a cheaper and faster version.

Something one-third of my readers may want to know
Here's the latest from the computer threat department.

Juneau bus service needs improvement
Earlier this month I spent a week in Fairbanks. I enjoyed it greatly, but its bus service made me proud of the people in my Juneau hometown.

Mystified by ADF&G's choice of spokesman
Here is a mystery.

In hard times, thinking of old ways
People are talking about global weather.

State agency OKs $8 million loan for AEL&P
Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. has received authorization from a state agency to borrow as much as $8 million to pay for avalanche repairs to the Snettisham Hydroelectric Project power lines.

Juneau road secures major federal permit
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on Wednesday issued a crucial wetlands permit for the Juneau Access Project, the road from Juneau north along Lynn Canal, taking the years-long battle over the road to a new stage.

City hears pitch to turn trash into energy
Forget Snettisham. Juneau's trash could be used to power the city.

Defense challenges robbery witnesses
The defense continued punching holes into the prosecution's case during the second full day of Duwaine Price's robbery trial by impeaching testimony placing Price at one crime scene and allegations he threatened to shoot people at the other.

Witness testimony, police records clash in Price robbery trial
The state's ability to connect Duwaine Price to both robberies officials allege he committed last October rests largely with their ability to prove that the 39-year-old Juneau artist threatened to shoot people at both locations.

Citizens pushing ballot initiatives
You can't fight city hall, but with enough signatures you can try and tell the officials what to do.

Photos: An encouraging start to gillnet season
First, Gary Isturis, a Taku Smokeries/Fisheries employee, holds a king salmon that weighs about 40 pounds Tuesday at the company's dock.

Photos: Summer Stage
Clairen Stone, left, as Cathy Hiatt, and Zac Kirkpatrick as Jamie Wellerstein, perform the wedding song scene in the Juneau-Douglas High School rehearsal of "The Last Five Years" on Tuesday at the school.

Photo: Day's end
Natasha Williams watches the sun set at False Outer Point Tuesday.

Photo: Working for the church, inside and out
The Rev. Michael T. Spainhoward, of St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, replaces the picket fence Tuesday in front of the historic rectory and church.

Around Town

Around Town

Police & Fire
Juneau police and fire officials and state police reported:

Police & Fire
Juneau police did not release a report by the Empire's deadline Tuesday.

Due to an error from a source, a story on page A1 Friday incorrectly said that teens who work for the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board can lie about their age when conducting stings on alcohol sales. They cannot. And they must produce identification cards if asked.

'Get Smart' retreads old ground
Is it praise or criticism to call a movie competent? That's the term that best describes "Get Smart." It revives the old TV franchise with the same slapstick derring-do and lightweight comedy that tickled audiences in the waning days of the Cold War. It's less a reboot or a re-imagining than a rerun.

'Hulk' is just short of being incredible
M arvel Studios is on the verge of something huge. And by "huge" I don't just mean the box-office cash flowing in by the truckload from "Iron Man" and now "The Incredible Hulk."

Jack Black is up to no good ... again
"Be Kind Rewind"

Juneau's Cinema guide

Folk music man
Folksinger John McCutcheon loves Alaska. The Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist has traveled and performed throughout the state countless times and keeps coming back.

Dancehall vs. reggaetón: which is more dope?
A long with the tourists in summer come the people making a living off the tourists. In case you hadn't noticed, much of downtown from the tram base to the Marine View apartments has been bought up by jewelry merchants. The buildings that once housed Filipino and Tex-Mex restaurants, local curios and bars have been bought by Armenians, Russians, Indians from India, Israelis and other international investors.

Rapper Lil Wayne's new release, 'Tha Carter III,' sells a million
NEW YORK - Lil Wayne now has official numbers to back up his bragging - the rapper's new CD has sold a spectacular 1 million copies its first week.

Sound Bites
THE NOTWIST, 'The Devil, You & Me' ★★★ ½

The Canvas grand opening
The Canvas community art studio, located at 223 Seward St. downtown, will host its Grand Opening with an art celebration and tour of its recently renovated studio on Sunday.

Fish Traps and the federal judge
Here's a history lesson. Which state constitution in the more-than-200-year record of the United States had, as an integral feature, a provision banning the use of large industrial style fish traps? The answer is Alaska.

If a picture is worth a thousand words
Click. A precious moment of my children's early life is recorded for posterity. Click, click. Two more precious moments. Click, click, click, click. Get the picture?

Certified 'aging in place' specialists
Eighty-five percent of older people want to continue living where they are - at home. And remember, the phrase "Older American" increasingly includes the 76 million people born between 1946 and 1964, known as the Baby Boomers. Whether one is 60 or 80, the idea of "aging in place" in one's own home is very attractive.

Ketchikan resident shares Creole coffee rub
Attention readers: The Brandy Alexander Pie recipe published on June 4 calls for 3 tablespoons of Brandy. Thanks to all of you who e-mailed.

Empire, Capital City Weekly host Labor Day essay contest
JUNEAU - Elated employees working in Southeast Alaska can win up to $500 this summer through a contest sponsored by the Juneau Empire and Capital City Weekly.

Sealaska to offer summer hoop camps, leadership training
JUNEAU - Sealaska Heritage Institute will offer basketball camps and leadership training to Native youths in five Southeast communities this summer.

Thanks for making the roads safe for bicyclers
I want to thank those responsible for the great job in making Juneau roads safe for bicycling. This was especially notable during May which was National Bike Month. The bike lanes on Mendenhall loop road, Lemon creek and Glacier highway have been painted and the shoulders have been swept often.

Ida Beierly
Lifelong Juneau resident Ida Beierly died June 13, 2008, at Mount Edgecumbe Hospital. She was 84.

Outside editorials: Senate vote on climate change shows progress
Rarely has the defeat of a bill in Congress given so much hope to those who wanted it passed as the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act.

My turn: How to die in a boat in Alaska
If you want to have a fatal boating accident, Alaska is the place to be.

Outside editorials: Problems in Zimbabwe and Sudan demand action
The despotic rulers of Sudan and Zimbabwe recently have plunged their countries into further turmoil. The United Nations and governments around the world must take tangible actions to help the millions of people now suffering in those Africa countries.

Outside editorial: New kind of funk
The latest economic headlines conjure up memories of Jimmy Carter in a sweater. Inflation is up. Gasoline prices are hitting records. The economy is sputtering. The ayatollahs are misbehaving. If you change the channel, you almost expect to see the Fonz.

Rapidly swelling world population contributes to high energy costs
Amid the furor over sky-high oil prices and $4 gasoline, the news media have given minimal attention to an increasingly significant factor contributing to rising energy prices: the relentless uptick in global population.

Today's newsroom not for chickens
And then somebody brought a chicken into the newsroom.

Congress should tackle Social Security first
The next president and new Congress face a daunting set of challenges come January 2009: Iraq war, troubled economy, global climate change, looming government debt, taxes, health care reform and rebuilding infrastructure, all vying for immediate attention. Such a long "to do" list presents two possible tactics: Tackle the hardest problem first or get the easy ones out of the way. We prefer the latter and would start with Social Security.

Teens arrested after assault in Valley
JUNEAU - A 13-year-old boy was assaulted and threatened with a knife at 7:30 p.m. Monday, and two teens were arrested.

Sprinkler system prevents fire damage
WASILLA - Officials in Wasilla are crediting a sprinkler system with preventing extensive damage during a fire at a senior independent living facility.

Alaska 1st in national fitness challenge
JUNEAU - Alaskans participating in a national fitness challenge logged enough physical activity this spring to put the state in first place.

UAF to create Susan Butcher Institute
FAIRBANKS - The University of Alaska Fairbanks says it will create a public service institute named after late Iditarod champion Susan Butcher.

Two groups backing Ted Stevens in race
JUNEAU - Ted Stevens, the state's senior U.S. senator, is picking up endorsements in his re-election bid.

Alaska tomatoes cleared by FDA
JUNEAU - Alaska made the Food and Drug Administration's list of states whose tomatoes are not implicated in the latest national Salmonella incident.

Jury convicts man in Anchorage stabbing
ANCHORAGE - A six-year-old homicide case came to a conclusion with the conviction of an Anchorage man.

Norwalk outbreak claims an e-mail hoax
JUNEAU - A Bartlett Regional Hospital official said Wednesday that an e-mail wrongly claimed an outbreak of the Norwalk virus in downtown.

Energy debit card idea likely dropped
ANCHORAGE - Administration officials said Gov. Sarah Palin plans to abandon her proposal to offer all Alaskans a $100-a-month energy debit card.

Woman killed in two-car collision
ANCHORAGE - A 19-year-old woman died Wednesday in a two-car collision in Anchorage.

Officials euthanize wounded grizzly bear
KENAI - A wounded grizzly bear was euthanized Sunday in Soldotna, state biologists said.

Forestry crew rescues lost man
ANCHORAGE - A Colorado man lost in the Southcentral Alaska wilderness was rescued by state Division of Forestry workers investigating a fire the man lit to keep warm.

It's twitterpatin' time again
It's finally spring in Juneau! For many of the creatures inhabiting our rain forest, this means it's that time of year again: twitterpatin' time.

Another honor for Francis
In a year of growth and accomplishment, Juneau-Douglas High School runner Leah Francis doubled up on nationally acclaimed athletic achievement awards this past school year.

Sports in Juneau

Sports in Juneau

Some contend that there are no stupid questions, but people working in the tourism industry in Southeast Alaska sure hear a lot of wacky ones each year.

Oil giants take steps toward gas line
ANCHORAGE - A joint venture of two global oil companies has taken preliminary steps toward federal permitting for a natural gas pipeline.

Searchers find women missing in Denali
ANCHORAGE - Two women missing in Denali National Park were found and reunited with worried family members Wednesday, six days after heading off on what they thought was an overnight hike.

Search for missing women in Denali Park yields no clues
ANCHORAGE - Denali National Park and Preserve officials are trying to solve a mystery of how two women could vanish on a one-night backpacking trip not far from park headquarters.

Fans lured by 'Deadliest Catch'
ANCHORAGE - A crab boat captain who gained fame on the Discovery Channel's "Deadliest Catch" series and fortune in the Bering Sea is attracting a steady stream of fans who can watch him haul in crab pots from the relatively calmer waters of Southeast Alaska.

State lawmakers question Point Thomson data
ANCHORAGE - During testimony on Tuesday regarding development of oil and gas reserves at Point Thomson, lawmakers questioned the accuracy of geologic studies presented by the state, worrying that their decision on a natural gas pipeline could be based on incomplete data.

Grizzly runs over man exercising in Anchorage park
ANCHORAGE - Forester Rick Rogers never imagined his first close call with a bear would come in an Anchorage park visited by thousands of people.

Arctic Slope reports $208 million in profits
ANCHORAGE - Arctic Slope Regional Corp. generated $1.77 billion in revenue last year and a profit of $208 million, according to its annual report.

Bear attacks mushroom picker
ANCHORAGE - A Seward man who helped fend off a grizzly that attacked his companion says he holds no hard feelings for the animal.

Man opens pedicab business in Seward
SEWARD - After seven years of being a security officer at the Alaska SeaLife Center, Tim Morrow is finally getting paid to do something full time that he's enjoyed since childhood - ride bikes.

Vessel takes on water near Hoonah
Good Samaritan vessels provided pumps to assist a 24-foot pleasure boat that took on water after possibly striking a whale near Hoonah, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Photo: Injured bear euthanized
A wounded grizzly bear, which was later euthanized, rests Sunday in Soldotna. Biologist Jeff Selinger said the bear had at least three gunshot wounds, all of which were a few days old. Selinger said the bear was on its last legs and looking for a place to curl up and die when it drew a crowd of about 100 people with cameras and cell phones at about noon Sunday at Mackey Lake Road and the Sterling Highway. No one had reported a bear shot in defense of life or property.

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This Day in History
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