Man opens pedicab business in Seward

Posted: Thursday, June 19, 2008

SEWARD - After seven years of being a security officer at the Alaska SeaLife Center, Tim Morrow is finally getting paid to do something full time that he's enjoyed since childhood - ride bikes.

A few weeks ago, Morrow opened a pedicab business that operates out of the harbor area and transports customers anywhere within riding distance. So far business has been brisk, he said.

"They shredded me yesterday," he said recently of the wear on his body from pulling cartloads of customers behind his bike. "Some people wanted a ride out to Lowell Point and back. And the day before that I took a couple out to the Pit Bar."

Pedicabs, which have become popular in cities such as Denver as a fuelless alternative to taxis for commuting short distances, weigh about 170 pounds and will hold approximately 600.

"That's about the weight of three good-sized adults," he said.

Like the friends that recently promised to buy Morrow lunch if he pulled them up the long Third Avenue hill.

"It paid off. I got the buffet at Peking."

Even with a cruiser saddle and 21 speeds, Morrow is bound to face some challenges transporting passengers up and down the hilly streets of downtown Seward. But the pedicab business is not something Morrow stumbled on one day and lightly chose to do the next afternoon.

"I did this part time on and off a couple of summers ago with a different cart," he said. "I love riding bikes and always wondered what it'd be like to actually get paid for doing it full time.

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