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Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2000

Monday's Word of Mouth was extremely entertaining. I haven't heard that much whining in a long time. There was not one narrow-minded complaint that the strippers were here, just that the Empire ran the story. If you need the Empire to set your mood for Father's Day or to set an example for your kids, you've got way bigger problems my friend.

Shame on you Juneau women for exploiting poor young hunks. Women's lib has taken an ominous turn.

I think the Empire's choice of putting male strippers on the front page of the Sunday paper was absolutely fabulous. It's much more positive news than the more depressing news items that are circulating the world. To the people who were upset that it was Father's Day - get over it. It was lighthearted fun.

I'm so glad that all the Monday pent up frustrations are gone. Now, for the good news. The community raised enough money to help Mojo, the blind horse, through a bake sale this weekend. Juneau, you're wonderful.

My thanks to the Letter to the Editor that ran yesterday about the crew on the Columbia. My husband also works on the ferries and very few people realize the safety training necessary for all AMHS employees whether you work in the kitchen or on the bridge.

Recently, I've seen several charter boats throwing herring to eagles. I would hope that charter fisherman would be a little more sensitive to public opinion and stop this behavior. You are being watched.

I agree with the guy who called in and said save our salmon. Let's keep it in-state and eat it all ourself. We'd only have to eat around 2,500 fish - that works out to about 20 to 30 pounds a day. We can do it.

Judge Weeks - thank you for the fair shake you gave to a young Native man. Thank you for your fairness.

I'm a veteran of the United States, and the people and the government don't owe my anything.

I'm just one of the people happy to hear that Tom Garrett is moving on.

I've been in Juneau for a few months and I'm convinced of two things - people here are the worst drivers and the biggest bunch of whiners anywhere.

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