Increasing the burden

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2003

My son started pre-school this year. In a few more he will be in kindergarten and about a year after that so will my other son. If I have to pick them up from school, how am I supposed to work? I can't afford daycare. And for that matter, what about all the local daycare providers? Are they supposed to pack up all the kids they watch to go get the one or two kindergartners the bus usually drops off? Are we going to end up following the actions of those in Washington where some districts have started charging kids to go to school?

My husband and I are far from well-to-do and making choices to this effect is basically telling me that my kids have to choose between shoes and food or going to school. For my oldest it is vital since he needs help with his speech.

I just hope that we can stop hurting the ones who need the most help. And that we can do better for our children in the future. Please just think about what this does to parents, childcare workers and the people who work on the buses. They don't make that much and cutting the run times means they make even less.

Christina See


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