Joar Anderssen Savland


Posted: Friday, June 20, 2003

Hoonah resident Joar Anderssen Savland, 72, died June 13, 2002, in his sleep.

He was born July 19, 1930, in Naustdal, Norway, to Anders and Boletta Savland. He grew up on the family farm during World War II and later served in the Norwegian Air Force.

In 1953, he left his parents, three brothers and three sisters in Norway to travel to Alaska. He was promised a job with Alf Skaflestad and began logging in Port Frederick near Hoonah.

Family members said he learned English as he went. "Some would say he kept his accent, which at times may have been decorated with a few choice words if he took the time to let you know he was displeased," they said.

According to his family, his true love was fishing. He began with a small skiff, spending many summer nights camped on the beach close to his favorite fishing grounds. He eventually graduated to the Standy, trolling and long-lining for most of the year. He supplemented his income by lending his carpentry skills and trapping in the winter.

In recent years, he maintained Halibut IFQs by employing Maxine Savland, whom he married in 1962. Together, they built a family, four houses and a life together in Hoonah.

Family members said, "His special gifts at fishing, hunting and gardening have gone unmatched. His storytelling, sense of humor and company will be sorely missed."

He is survived by his wife, Maxine; three sons, Patrick, Stanley and Andy; grandchildren, Jason, Joardan, Katelyn, Sven and Jonathon; and siblings in Norway, Jenny, Kare, Alf, Magnhild and Malfrid. He also has many nieces, nephews and extended family members in his homeland.

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