Time to curtail dogs

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 20, 2004

Good dog poop, bad dog poop. Good dog bite, bag dog bite.

It is time to yank the leash on the Juneau off-leash dog wackadoos. We live in dense urban and suburban areas and our recreational areas and public spaces are heavily used by users with a variety of interests, ages and abilities. Our public space, however, has collapsed into a single use - loose dogs everywhere, all the time.

Kick the loose pets out of our public space and return it to the people. It's a situation that has been abused for too long. We accomplish this by designating fenced off-leash dog areas and prohibiting off-leashed dogs from all shared public areas - streets, parks, and trails. It is simple and easy to codify and enforce.

Dogs and their owners are invited to our common public space with the dog on a leash and a scooper in the owner's hand. And, when it's time for an off-leash run you can choose your own property or choose to head for a designated fenced off-leash dog area. While this might seem inconvenient compared to the current situation, the inconvenience is one that is correctly shifted back to the dog owner from the community.

Virginia Harris


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