Slow down, again

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 20, 2004

About a year ago my letter to the editor requesting motorists to take a couple extra seconds and slow down was published. Well, here is my second request.

I bike a couple times a week from the Valley to downtown and back. Each time at least one motorist either cuts in front of me, speeds past only to slow up and turn in front of me, or comes out of a side street spinning the tires and shooting rock/debris up.

Come on people, take a couple extra moments and just look around you and watch out for your fellow neighbors.

Recently on the way home, I was at the Mall Road and Loop Road attempting to cross the intersection. I pushed the crosswalk button on the stop light, waited for the walk signal, and proceeded to cross with the walk signal.

At that very moment a little white car came whipping around the corner, the driver looked me in the eyes, and continued to drive forcing me to stop in the crosswalk.

We live in Juneau, everybody. What's the average commute? Twelve miles? Is there really a need to drive like such unintelligent and insensible people?

Please, take out an extra moment and think while you drive.

Joel Gilbert


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