Does senator support stem-cell research?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, June 20, 2004

Years ago my father passed away from Alzheimer's disease. It was very difficult for my family and me to watch as my father slipped away. As years go by, I have to wait and wonder if I, myself, or my son will develop Alzheimer's later on in life. I feel hopeful because our nation has the ability to research more about Alzheimer's and the possibility of a cure. Much of this possibility is dependent upon the development of stem-cell research. This vital research has the potential of replacing diseased or damaged organs and could not only be helpful to Alzheimer's research but other diseases and cancers as well.

Sen. Murkowski's stance on stem-cell research wavers. In 2003, she has co-sponsored legislation that imposed severe restrictions on stem-cell research. However, Sen. Murkowski has recently stated she supports stem-cell research, despite the fact that she will not sign the letter to President Bush asking him to lift stem-cell research restrictions. I am confused as to Sen. Murkowski's position.

Like Nancy Reagan, I have had a loved one die of Alzheimer's. More importantly, I wait and wonder to see if this disease will also attack myself or my son. If Sen. Murkowski is not in favor of stem-cell research, I wonder why she does not support saving the lives of millions of people, likely including myself and my son. If Sen. Murkowski truly is in support of stem-cell research, I am confused why she does not sign the letter to President Bush encouraging him to allow stem-cell research.

As the United States senator, I would hope that Sen. Murkowski would stop wavering on this issue, take a sturdy stance and stand by it.

Dennis Early


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