Palin may be ahead with the common folk

Posted: Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A couple of radio talk show hosts locally and in Anchorage have attempted to paint Sarah Palin into a corner over the gas line. Study the link closely for Palin's take on the gas line, fishing and the rest of her stances. You will have your chance to discuss her stances in greater detail, as she is very open to the public. Simply call her or see her in person.

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Palin is doing great in all the unscientific polls that we have seen. It looks to us like the Alaska "Oil Cartel," their paid politicians and the Chamber of Commerce members the cartel owns are desperate because Palin may very well be ahead with the folk that actually vote. That's all of us.

The more the governor attempts to unveil the "Alaska Gas (Oil Cartel) pipe dream" scam on us, the madder we get - and rightly so.

Bill and Samon Arnold


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