Legislative Affairs head gave good advice

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Pam Varni, executive director of the Legislative Affairs Agency, provided advice to her bosses, the Legislature. This advice consisted of a cost comparison between holding a legislative session in Juneau, Alaska's capital, or in Anchorage.

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The advice she provided showed that it cost more to hold a legislative session in Anchorage. Her bosses should be thankful for this advice. Too many times legislative decisions are made in a vacuum or without enough information. I can say this as a former Washington state legislator.

The advice she provided is no different than advice a legal counsel would provide a client. You base your decision on that advice, as usually the pros and cons are spelled out or obvious.

In this case it was obvious. It is more expensive to hold a special session outside of the capital. A client does not have to agree with a legal opinion, because it is just that, an opinion. It does not have the weight of law. In this case it has the weight of public opinion, that the Legislature will have to live with.

Thank you, Varni, for doing your job.

John C. Wynne


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