GCLL roundup: A's top Mariners to gain first-place tie in Major Baseball

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The A's defeated the Mariners 6-2 on Monday to force a first-place tie in the Gastineau Channel Little League Major Baseball division.

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Collin Ludeman provided the offensive fireworks for the A's, smacking a bases-clearing triple in the first inning.

Jackson Lehnhart pitched four innings for the win while Marc Heifetz threw two innings of scoreless relief.

Lehnhart had a hit and two runs scored, Zach Miller scored and drove in a run, and Heifetz singled, scored and had two RBIs in the win. Also for the A's, Matthew Campbell singled and scored, and Johnny MacDonald scored a run.

For the Mariners, Kyle Gould had two doubles, a triple and a run scored, while Zach Cuddihy singled in the win.

Derek Brobst had two hits and a run scored, R.J. Markovich doubled and drove in a run, and Julian Minne had a base hit for the Mariners.

Christian Gould and Kyle Gould pitched in the loss.


Phillies 6, Cardinals 4

The Phillies started fast with three runs in the first and held on for a Monday win over the Cardinals.

Sean Niewoehner scored twice, Ryan Kelly singled and scored, and Jimmy Diamond drove in a run for the Phillies. Also in the win, Trevor Pfaff scored a run, Kellen Johansen doubled and scored, Jabril Flores doubled and drove in a run, and Danny Nore walked.

Ryan Kelly got the win for the Phillies while Diamond threw four innings of relief.

Jack Grummett led the Cardinals with a solo home run and two RBIs.

Hunter Cameron had an RBI hit, Dylan Johnson singled and walked, George Grummett singled and scored, and Trey Williams drove in a run in defeat.

Dylan Johnson struck out five batters in five innings for the Cardinals. Kurt Vandor pitched two innings of shutout relief in the loss.

Braves 11, Phillies 5

Billy Palmer and Gary Speck combined on the hill for the Braves in a win over the Phillies on Saturday.

The Phillies' Jacob Bicknell, Trevor Pfaff and Ryan Kelly all pitched.

Cardinals 10, A's 4

Jack Grummett struck out five batters and limited the division-leading A's to four hits and one earned run over six innings in a 10-4 win on Saturday.

Grummett also hit an RBI double in the win.

Tod Baseden singled, scored and stole a base, Trey Williams walked and scored, Kurt Vandor singled and scored, and Jackson Pavitt had two hits and two runs scored for the Cardinals.

Also in the win, Dylan Johnson and Hunter Cameron each doubled and scored twice, George Grummett hit a sacrifice, and Fred Collier scored and stole two bases.

For the A's, Jackson Lehnhart connected on a RBI double while Zach Miller, March Heifetz, Shamil Blaisdell and Jared Cheatham all scored runs.

Tanner Petrie, Duane Cooper and Heifetz all singled in the loss.

Mariners 8, Angels 4

Jeffrey Pusich fanned 10 batters in four innings of no-hit ball as the Mariners downed the Angels on Saturday.

Ryan Lee tripled and had two RBIs, Kyle Gould and R.J. Markovich each doubled and scored, while Derek Brobst and Pusich each singled and scored for the M's.

Julian Minne, Jack Withington and Austin Thomas also scored in the win.

For the Angels, Chatham Miller singled and scored, Alex Matheson hit a double and scored a run, while Bridge Taylor and Christian Peteja each scored.

Matheson, Patrick Millay, Miller and Gus Swanton all pitched for the Angels.

Cardinals 12, Braves 1

Cardinals pitcher Dylan Johnson limited the Braves to just one run over four innings on Friday.

Johnson also had two hits and a run scored in the win.

Jack Grummett posted three hits and three runs, Trey Williams and Kurt Vandor each had two hits and two runs scored, Hunter Cameron doubled and scored, Tod Baseden singled, scored and stole a base, and Jacob Calloway had a walk for the Cardinals.

Gary Speck drove in Andrew White for the Braves' lone run. Brenyn Marshall, Colter Pritchard and Brian Mieke added hits for the Braves.

Angels 9, Cardinals 4

Phillip Fenumiai and Ben Bullick combined to give the Angels a Thursday win over the Cardinals.

Fenumiai struck out nine batters in five innings while Bullick had two strikeouts in the last two innings.

Offensively, Travis Duvernay doubled and scored, Gus Swanton had an RBI and scored, Alex Matheson scored and drove in a run, while Chatham Miller and Bridge Taylor each scored for the Angels.

Tristan Forrest drew two walks in the win.

For the Cardinals, Trey Williams hit a two-run double, Jackson Pavitt doubled and scored, while Tod Baseden singled and scored.

Also, Dylan Johnson had a hit, a run scored, a stolen base and an RBI, Nick Stewart had two hits and an RBI, Fred Collier scored a run and Jacob Calloway had an RBI hit in defeat.

Mariners 10, Braves 4

Christian Gould went 3-for-3 with two runs scored as the Mariners defeated the Braves on Wednesday.

Zach Cuddihy scored twice, R.J. Markovich had two hits and two runs scored, and Jeffrey Pusich hit a three-run home run for the M's.

Six pitchers took the ball for the Mariners as Markovich, Derrick Brobst, Jack Withington, Cuddihy, Julian Minne and Kyle Gould limited the Braves to four runs.

The Braves' Gary Speck tripled and scored, Andrew White doubled and scored, while Billy Palmer and Dustin Rumfeld scored in defeat.


Diamondbacks 17, Dodgers 7

Zander Hoke, Damon Ludwig and Edward Hurtte all pitched in the Diamondbacks' win over the Dodgers on Saturday.

James San Miguel, Koddie Moe and Matthew Layton took the ball for the Dodgers.

Diamondbacks 10, Rockies 7

Justin Brooks and Matt Vandor split time on the mound to lead the Diamondbacks past the Rockies on Thursday.

Alec Calloway, Miles Bedford and McClain Cannon all pitched for the Rockies.


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Tigers 11 2 0 22 .846 -

White Sox 7 6 0 14 .583 4

Twins 5 9 0 10 .357 6.5

Rangers 4 10 0 8 .286 7.5


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Mariners 12 4 0 24 .750 -

A's 12 4 0 24 .750 -

Cardinals 9 7 0 18 .563 3

Angels 6 8 0 12 .429 5

Phillies 4 12 0 8 .250 8

Braves 3 11 0 6 .214 8


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Padres 10 4 0 20 .714 -

Diamondbacks 8 6 0 16 .571 2

Rockeis 7 7 0 14 .500 3

Dodgers 3 11 0 6 .214 7


W L T Pts. Pct. GB

Red Sox 3 2 1 7 .500 -

Orioles 2 2 1 5 .400 .5

Yankees 1 2 0 2 .333 1


Field key: AK=Adair-Kennedy, MF=Miller Field,MR=Mendenhall River, AV=Auke View, MP=Melvin Park


Wednesday, June 20

Twins vs. White Sox, 6 p.m. MF2

Thursday, June 21

Tigers vs. Rangers, 6 p.m. AV2

Saturday, June 23

Twins vs. Tigers, 2:30 p.m. MF2

Rangers vs. White Sox, 5 p.m. MF2


Wednesday, June 20

Cardinals vs. Mariners, 6 p.m. MF1

Thursday, June 21

Phillies vs. Angels, 6 p.m. MF1

Braves vs. A's, 6 p.m. MF2

Saturday, June 23

Braves vs. Angels, 10 a.m. MF1

A's vs. Cardinals, 1 p.m. MF1

Mariners vs. Phillies, 4 p.m. MF1


Thursday, June 21

Dodgers vs. Padres, 6 p.m. AK1

Diamondbacks vs. Rockies, 6 p.m. MP1

Saturday, June 23

Diamondbacks vs. Dodgers, 10:30 a.m. AK1

Padres vs. Rockies, 1:30 p.m. MP1


Wednesday, June 20

Red Sox vs. Orioles, 6 p.m. AK1

Saturday, June 23

Red Sox vs. Yankees, 1:30 p.m. AK1

Orioles vs. Yankees, 4:30 p.m. AK1

Monday, June 25

Orioles vs. Red Sox, 6 p.m. AK1


Thursday, June 21

Reds s. Cardinals, 6:30 p.m. MP3

Saturday, June 23

Cardinals vs. Cubs, 10 a.m. MP3

Astros vs. Reds, noon MP3

Tuesday, June 26

Red vs. Cubs, 6:30 p.m. MP3


Thursday, June 21

Marlins vs. Mariners, 6:30 p.m. MP2


Wednesday, June 20

Braves vs. Phillies, 5:45 p.m. MP2

Phillies vs. Braves, 7:45 p.m. MP2

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