Board OKs contract for charter schools

Posted: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Juneau School Board on Tuesday unanimously approved the renewal of the Juneau Community Charter School contract.

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Along with the contract, the School Board approved a budget of $379,152 to cover all aspects of education for an estimated 68 students spanning kindergarten through 6th grade.

The charter school primarily teaches math, science, and social sciences through a focus on arts and music. The school has a high retention rate among students.

First approved in 1997, the charter school is up for an in-depth review in 2008.

Tuesday's contract approval was an annual event.

David Means, director of administrative services for the Juneau School District, informed the board there were no changes in the contract language from the previous year.

The contract provides $153,152 for three teachers, and $28,079 for an administrative assistant.

Before a move to accept the contract, the School Board held a brief discussion on diversity issues and cuts in state funding for charter schools with fewer than 150 students.

School Board member Margo Waring then moved to accept the contract. Before final voting, School Board member Andrea Story, sitting in for President Bill Peters, posed a few ideas for the charter school to consider prior to next year's review.

Story urged the consideration of a neighborhood school as a vehicle to spread some of the successful elements within the charter school's curriculum across a wider spectrum of Juneau's available education.

Commenting on the charter school's achievement level, Story said, "You've done well."

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