What Palin should say about power crisis

Posted: Friday, June 20, 2008

This is in response to Gov. Sarah Palin's placating letter in the paper on Tuesday, June 17.

I find it interesting that the governor is saying how wonderfully we as citizens of Juneau responded to the crisis, but makes no reference to the fact that she did nothing to help us out. She continues to cut Juneau out of the budget, has in the past bailed out a dairy in Wasilla, and is showing that she cares more about the Interior than Southeast.

In the same issue of the paper there is an article that the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority, a state agency, the owner of Snettisham, is loaning money to Alaska Electric Light & Power Co. to pay for the repairs.

If Palin cared anything about the people of the Southeast, she would tell AIDEA to take responsibility for the ownership and give the money to AEL&P for the repairs, as well as telling AEL&P that it was lax in its responsibility in the contract to maintain the state-owned property.

Bill Burk


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