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Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2000

Members of the Downtown Business Association and Destination Juneau should have figured out what all of us knew a long time ago. Mainly that the cruise industry is interested in promoting only what makes them money. They will promote shopping in Ketchikan and Sitka because they make a percentage of sales from their extortion of shore-side businesses. They promote tours in Juneau because they make a percentage. They will be loyal to DBA and Destination Juneau until they have the last dollar from their pockets.

The anti-tourism people in Juneau blew Tom Garrett's comment way out of proportion. I guess they'll do anything to add fuel to the fire. I'm sorry to see him go.

The obvious replacement for Tom Garrett is the runner-up in that race. Not someone who did not choose to run. Nothing else would be fair.

Thanks to the author of the My Turn that appeared yesterday. I believe every word she wrote. A workplace survey was done last summer on DOT that clearly presented to the commissioner that changes are sorely overdue. Nothing changed.

I'm too am personally aware of a lot of discrimination and bullying that goes on at DOT.

I won't be working for the state, especially when they want a mandatory $30 a month union due. Isn't that a bit much considering that the salary is considerably lower than what I make in the real world?

To the person who's been here for a few months, you are new here and you're already whining. Welcome.

I'm sick and tired of the complainers calling about all the other complainers.

When my sister and I got up on Sunday morning and saw the pictures of the male strippers on the front page we were so excited but disappointed that we missed them again. We're in our 50s and we loved the article. We hope they come back, we'll be there.

It's only fair that when women strippers come to town that they get a front page photo as well.

I am shocked and outraged that anyone would think that six months in jail is a fair sentence for somebody who recklessly killed somebody by not obeying traffic laws.

I'm not going to just watch one of the charter boats throw herring to the eagles. I'm going to call the cops on them.

We went fishing at Outer Point and we saw some moron throw the portable toilet over the bank and into the channel. What a low life.

To the veteran of the United States who said people and Uncle Sam don't owe him anything, would he feel the same way if he was injured and disabled in the line of duty?

David Lendrum is a nice guy and knows his stuff. He also likes to wax wordy and poetic about it. The point is that the column has provided him with free advertising. This is an inappropriate advantage over other excellent and equally knowledgable nursery owners in Juneau.

How could we elect the same old Sealaska board members? The next election I will send my proxy in and vote for no one. It doesn't matter anyway, it will be the same old board no matter what we do.

Be smart Sears. We don't have many clothing stores left in Juneau. You should bring your clothes with you.

Thanks to the people who are remodeling the house on Fourth Street. They picked a beautiful color for the siding. It's nice to see something other than beige or gray used on a building in Juneau.

Parking lot speeders - are the few seconds worth risking a life?

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