Juneau forum on Iraq was productive

Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2006

As many of your readers know, I recently participated in a town hall forum regarding the war in Iraq. Hosted by the Juneau People for Peace, the event offered a valuable opportunity for me to hear first hand the thoughts of Juneauites regarding our involvement in Iraq.

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The comments offered at the forum were both poignant and heartfelt. Many offered suggestions as to what steps they believe the U.S. should take in the region. Others offered support for our troops, commending them and their families for their service and sacrifice. Some of those in attendance chose not to publicly offer their thoughts. Rather, they submitted written statements, which I have reviewed with much interest. All in all, their comments seem to very much reflect the concerned sentiments of those who spoke out at the forum.

I thank the organizers for putting together such a constructive event, as well as the people of Juneau for taking the time to share their views with me. I very much appreciate all of your efforts.

Lisa Murkowski

U.S. Senator

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