Bush has opened up a can of worms

Posted: Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I've given this matter some serious thought and have come to the conclusion that the Bush administration has opened a can of worms that should have been left closed. If we were to pull out of Iraq now, it would be perceived by the insurgents that they defeated America.

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This illegal administration doesn't have a clue for what the United States should do next. This illegal administration has been totally secretive in relaying what is truly going on in Iraq. It has not been up front with the American people or the world, and it is paying the price for its dishonest behavior - big time. And it's costing American lives and America's resources. Is that acceptable to you? It's not to me.

I have opposed the Bush regime ever since its creation. Bush is a liar and a fraud and has tried to con America into believing that he knows what it is that needs to be done to combat terrorism.

What a joke. The fool couldn't lead me out of a wet paper bag.

American's are finally waking up and are seeing what is happening in America, with his war on terrorism, and what is not being done in America.

I've waited for six long years for what I knew was bound to happen. This illegal administration has fumbled the ball so many times. It is a given that Bush's war on terror is a failure, just like him.

Bush created this mess we have in Iraq, and it should be he who cleans this mess up. That isn't going to happen with this clown, so it will be left to the next administration. Who will that be?

I do not know, but if Americans haven't learned what to expect from Republicans and vote accordingly, then we, as a nation, have failed the great democratic experiment called America.

Michael J. Murray III


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