SEACC deserves thanks for efforts

Posted: Thursday, June 21, 2007

It amazes me that any media outlet would carry the ads that were run after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Corps of Engineers' permit for the Kensington Mine was illegal.

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The threatening tone at the end of one radio spot that says, "We only wish we knew your names so we could thank you in person," is hardly subtle. It's also misleading.

A visit to will make it easy for anyone to see who its board of directors are, so the repetition of this lie that the group is a secret band of Outside interests will only fool those who wish to be fooled.

Southeast Alaska Conservation Council does deserve thanks for its commitment to protect our wild places from profiteers who go so far as to claim that they would leave Lower Slate Lake better than they found it.

"Producing and protecting" makes a catchy slogan, but the only thing Coeur Alaska is protecting is its bottom line. I trust SEACC when it says that dry stack is the preferred method for managing this hazardous waste. SEACC has no reason to mislead the public. Whoever made these attacks against SEACC has obvious reasons to be bias.

This was not just one case in which Coeur Alaska could have saved some money by endangering Berners Bay; this was an opportunity to set industry standards back to those of the Gold Rush days. If that's what Coeur Alaska wants, it'll have to try harder.

Steve Reese


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