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Posted: Thursday, June 22, 2000

I am very upset about Alaska Airlines. It's time that they quit using the name of Alaska, which has always meant a good-hearted, helping group of people. They should take the name off their airplanes and call themselves Seattle or whatever.

This is not the first time that Alaska Airlines has created great anguish for Alaskan families. It will not be the last either.

I can not believe that tourists took precedence over a father that needed to be with his dying daughter. Were they all asleep in Ketchikan?

As a veteran of 26 years in commercial aviation, I've got to say that surely the people down in Ketchikan should know an emergency when they see one and bump a tourist off a flight in a dire situation. Rules are rules but they are meant to be bent in certain situations. What a disaster.

I used to work at DOT and the My Turn was right on. But it's not just about women. It's called the few benefit at the expense of the many. The whole department needs to be cleaned out.

The guy who was going to turn me in for feeding the eagles is mistaken. I was merely chumming for whales. Darn eagles keep stealing my chum. By the way, there is no law about feeding herring to any animal. But there should be a law for people who can't mind their own business.

If you drive a red Dodge pickup - shame on you for changing lanes to run that red light this morning. I have children who drive in this town and the last thing I want is for them to be nailed by someone like you. Read the newspapers. There's a boy in trouble for doing the same thing.

I recently returned from a trip to California. They have signs that read ``$270 to run a red light.'' Maybe this is what Juneau needs. Signs to let people know it will cost you to run a red light or stop sign. It may also cost a life.

After reading David Lendrum's column, I'm inspired to plant my own garden, which is a positive note to any neighborhood. We should all be cheering Dave on. You go, Dave. (Two other callers expressed similar views.)

Can people please go down to the animal shelter and adopt the many cats and dogs. Especially, the dog that's been there since February. He's a great dog that needs a home.

How dare we try to limit helicopter flights? They are just trying to make a living. The helicopters can fly circles around my house if they want to.

I'm not involved with the tourist industry in any way and I've got to say the helicopters don't bother me this year. They're flying higher and there's a lot less noise.

Do Juneauites understand that the Forest Service is to blame for much of the aircraft noise? They continue to allow more and more aircraft on the ice cap. This year 19,000 landings and 41,000 in two years. The only one to stop this aircraft noise is our own Forest Service.

How many people know that the cruise ships are allowed to go into Tracy Arm? How long before they ruin that area, not to mention the seal pups? We need to get the big ships out of there and allow only the smaller ships.

I want to take Tom Garrett's place if it's up for grabs.

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