Taxes driving out Juneau's youth

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2005

There's just not enough opportunity for young people here in Juneau. We see this with the rising age in the work force development, the lack of college graduate returnees who grew up in Juneau, and the limited business opportunities in Juneau.

The No. 1 reason for this is the high sales tax and property tax, which leads to a heavy cost of living that only secure families and rich people can afford and prosper in. In fact, it's these people who are making the tax decisions, further benefiting themselves with projects like Eaglecrest and architectural cosmetics. The youth voice is mute.

Without encouraging the development of young people, we're leading to a future that might look something like this: a ghost town, no longer Alaska's capital, a bloodless local economy, and poor public works from less tax revenue and a decreased population.

Let's make the smart choice in developing this great city. Let's be prudent with the sales tax, and find cuts where they can be made. I'm not proposing eliminating the sales tax; I'm only advising a long-term outlook by lessening the burden on low-income people.

Ishmael Hope


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