Seafood plants offering jobs on land and at sea

Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The state is putting out a plea to Alaskans to join the slime line at seafood plants or work on at-sea processors from Ketchikan to the Bering Sea.

Workers should be willing to stand long hours in a damp, cold environment.

Juneau plants likely won't need to fill spots along their slime lines until July, but there are now 60 openings in Ketchikan, about 15 in Haines, four in Pelican and two in Hoonah.

"It's not the busy season yet (in Southeast Alaska). Right now there's a big push in Bristol Bay," said Laurie Fuglvog, an employment security specialist with the Department of Labor.

Statewide, seafood plants need more than 1,000 workers to fillet and freeze salmon from mid-June to early September, according to the labor department.

Fuglvog reported 220 current openings in Bristol Bay.

The tab for transportation and room and board may be picked up by the seafood processing companies.

In most cases, the minimum age for hire is 18. Wages typically start at $7.15 per hour and overtime pay is often available, depending on the harvest level.

Residents may fill out job applications at state Job Centers.

For more information, contact the Juneau Job Center at 465-4562 or the state job hotline at 1-800-473-0688. Or visit

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