Wake up and smell the gas

Posted: Thursday, June 22, 2006

The My Turn in Friday's paper ("Time machine could inform gas debate," June 16) just confirmed that this state and its people are being sold down the pipeline. What does the governor and his consultants think we are - stupid? I am totally amazed that a state consultant can honestly say that we should be looking at the big picture when an international consultant basically says we are being ripped off with these financial terms.

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Some of you may not like Sen. Elton, but read his article and judge for yourselves. The Legislature should listen to this international consultant, as he knows it is a bad contract. Take the time and make changes that will benefit the people of this great state or reject it totally. What is the rush?

The oil producers aren't in a rush to build a gas line. They can take their sweet time according to this contract. Does this benefit the people of this state? I don't think so. So make the right decision, please don't let this governor and his consultants sway you. Do the right thing and reject the Alaska-Canada line contract and look at other alternatives that benefit us.

Harold Pence


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