Prince Rupert best for ferry terminus

Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007

While Gary Benedict should be congratulated for his efforts on behalf of Hyder, he ignores a few problems in his June 14 My Turn:

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1. There are almost no services available in Hyder and very few in Stewart.

2. The highway to Stewart is very difficult in the winter season with huge snowfalls.

3. Many users of the Alaska state ferries link with the British Columbia ferry system in Prince Rupert.

4. For walk-on passengers, there are no scheduled services to transport Alaska-bound travelers from Prince Rupert to Hyder, and there will be very few services there when they arrive.

5. I watch the state ferries arriving and leaving from my workplace and question Benedict's turnaround times.

6. Prince Rupert's new container port opening in October of 2007 will provide a major opportunity for Alaska exporters and importers. Both will be much more expensive if Hyder becomes the terminus.

Robert Payne

Prince Rupert, British Columbia

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