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Posted: Friday, June 22, 2007

Thanks for supporting our annual food drive

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The downtown Juneau Rotary Club would like to thank everyone at Alaskan and Proud market, and all their patrons, for their support during our annual drive for the Southeast Alaska Food Bank. In all, 1,189 pounds of nonperishable food items were collected on May 5 to enhance the supply available at one of our vital community resources.

Both the Alaskan and Proud team and the many store patrons were important partners to the success of this drive. Whether through the donation of one item or many, each person who contributed such items as canned fruit and vegetables, macaroni and cheese, tuna fish, cereal or rice demonstrated the sharing spirit of this community.

Thanks to all who participated. Your generosity make Juneau a better place to live.

Sally Smith


Thanks for making Earth Day educational

Thanks Juneau, for making Earth Day 2007 at the Glacier such a fun and educational event. With sunny skies luring everyone outside, so many of you came in to participate in our celebration of the Earth on April 21 and 22.

Thanks to Mayor Bruce Botelho for his continued encouragement to observe this important day community-wide and to speakers Pete Griffin and Bill Leighty who shared their personal stories regarding Earth Days past. Thank you Eran Hood, for introducing "An Inconvenient Truth" and sharing your experience with local climate change effects. Thanks to entertainers Tim Miles, the Heartstrings, Liz and Leif Saya, Ken Birch, John Lager, John Ingalls and the Daughters of the New Moon to help us remember that Earth Day is a day to celebrate our planet while pledging to take better care of it. Thank you to all of the participating organizations who educated and inspired our visitors: SAGA, Juneau Raptor Center, SEACC, Oceana, Turning the Tides, Juneau Watershed Project, Juneau Alaska Youth For Environmental Action, Alaska Biofuels Alliance, Bill Leighty, Friends of Recycling, Carol Biggs, Dick Callahan, Sandy Harbanuk, USFS Wilderness Rangers, Waste Management, Juneau Audubon Society, NOAA National Weather Service. Thank you to Mareta Weed, Sterling Snyder, Lyndsey Edgar, Lenne Musarra, Amy Sherwin and Deb Cokely for holding the event together. Thanks to the media for letting the community know about our event.

Thanks to the children of Juneau who showed up in numbers to learn how they can help take care of our Earth and have fun, too. We have a great community and can take pride in our commitment and efforts to improve our community and our planet.

Irene Morris


Thanks for contributing to our dance team

To friends, family and sponsors of the Floyd Dryden Dance Team, on behalf of coaches and all the students who took part of the Floyd Dryden Middle School Dance Drill Team, we would like to say thank you for your help and participation in making this a successful year.

Special Thanks go out to: Alaska Marine Lines, Valley Paint Store, Mike's Custom Printing, Fred Meyers, Hazel and Joe Parrish at SAGA, Dr. Foster, Kari Reyes, Tracy Oldaker, Sue Davis, Julie Wyatt and our administrators for their continued support of our team: Mr. Milliron, Nancy Eiler, Jackie Kookesh and Molly Box.

To all of our eighth graders that are moving on to high school, thank you for your dedication and hard work, we wish you continued success and always remember you can do anything you set your mind to!

It was a wonderful season, we met our goal of new uniforms and increased performance opportunities which will help ensure the future of the Dryden Dance Team!

Jaime Miller, Audra Henderson and Monica Casipit


Thanks for condolences during our loss

To Barbara Whitcraft, Cheryl J., Cecilia Gaviliero and Hoonah City Schools Board of Education and staff, a very special thank you for all those who had responded to our recent loss of Mary Yvonne Knudson.

Thank you to all who have sent condolences by faxes, cards and monetary donations. Your concern, showing of your love and prayer, is greatly appreciated.

For all who came forth to help as Mary Yvonne Knudson layed in stat at the Alaska Memorial Hall in Hoonah, thank you, everyone. My heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who came and those of you who have called.

Your prayers and concern brought us much courage and strength. May the lord be with each and everyone of you.

Knudson and Williams families


Thanks for showing true meaning of community

After reading the other stories printed in this section, I do feel a little silly writing this letter. Regardless, this is something I just had to do. This letter isn't politically motivated, nor an emotional plea concerning religion. This letter is to show my gratitude to this amazing community. This is just a simple thank you to Juneau.

Everywhere I go, I am awestruck by the people that live here. Let me tell you why. One day in Fred Meyer's parking lot, my car would not start. Not one person, not two, but everyone that passed by offered their assistance. I was in shock. My little girl was invited to a birthday party and while there, everyone acted as if I had been a part of their community for years. They included us in conversations and made us feel comfortable. When my work led me to downtown Juneau, where all of the business owners or representatives I spoke with were friendly and receptive, I left with that easygoing, small-town feeling that rarely exists in large cities. My final and supreme example was when this newspaper printed numerous pictures of my little girl in the photo gallery section. We felt so honored and completely at home. I am in love with this marvelous little town with a heart of gold.

So, thank you Juneau! I could not be happier with my decision to move my family here from Anchorage. Thank you for all the help that was offered us that day at Fred Meyer's - for making my family feel at home and welcome here. Thank you for allowing me to remember the true meaning of community.

Julia Mattice


Thanks for running our Field Days events

Riverbend Elementary School staff and students would like to thank all the volunteers who, despite the weather, came out and helped run our annual Field Days events.

Thanks to Nancy Hakari for her guidance, logitics help and support.

Thanks to Darlene Thornton and Sue Reishus-O'Brien for their organizational skills and help. Thanks to all the teachers and the following volunteers for thier efforts, as the kids had a great time: Joe Allen, Malita Winn, Shelly Parfitt, Emily Corrilo, Cori Bradford, John George, John Lohrey, Carlos Rivera, Marty McKeown, Fritz Moser, Jordan Moser, Christina Miequus, Dan Wayne, Geraldine Guanson, Tresa Durand, Amber Christiansen and Amanda Howe.

Scott May


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