Copter crashes in B.C.

Posted: Friday, June 23, 2000

ATLIN, British Columbia -- A helicopter with four members of a Canadian film crew aboard crashed into a glacier near the Canada-Alaska border on Thursday.

The helicopter slammed into a steep crevasse after clipping its rotor about 37 miles south of Atlin, British Columbia, said Capt. Dennis Johnston, of Victoria Search and Rescue. The glacier is part of the Juneau Icefield, which sprawls along the border between Southeast Alaska and Canada.

``It is believed there are no survivors, but we have been unable to get anyone on scene to confirm that,'' Johnston said. ``We had a helicopter fly over it ... and look at it from the air and initial reports are that it's not good.''

Efforts to get to the site were hampered because two helicopters sent to do the job broke down, Johnston said.

A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter ferried Canadian officials to the site Friday morning, said Petty Officer Darrell Wilson in Juneau. Wilson said he had no other information about the crash.

The accident happened around the dinner hour Thursday.

The crew was believed to have been filming a car commercial.

Last summer, four helicopters crashed on the Juneau Icefield.

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