Disgruntled tourist

Posted: Friday, June 23, 2000

The city of Juneau imposed a ``head tax'' on cruise passengers starting this year. Will Juneau be the winner?

We just stopped at Juneau after the ``head tax'' was being collected. Several of those of us on board talked about the ``head tax'' and decided not to spend our money in Juneau.

Therefore we made no purchases, did not go on any sightseeing trips and returned back to the ship for all our food. We found several very nice merchants where we could have made a purchase, but after being unfairly taxed by the local government decided to spend in the next port.

Juneau got our $5, but nothing else. We saved all of our collective spending for a port that does not impose such a tax.

According to newspapers reports, the cruise ships have taken similar actions - making their stays shorter in port and stopping a program of giving to local charities. Of course, we could fly in or come by canoe.

We are coming back to Alaska and so are several of our fellow passengers. Juneau will not be among the towns where we stop.

The ``kings of old'' used to charge people who passed the castle a fee. People then looked for alternate routes. Nothing has changed has it? Excessive or reprehensible for acquisitiveness according to the dictionary is a little five letter word - ``greed.''

Mr. Mayor, you will continue to get your $5, but your image as a friendly port to which the traveler is welcomed is forever tarnished.

Bill A. BeltDallas, TX

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