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Posted: Friday, June 23, 2000

Didn't Alaska Airlines do the same thing a few years ago with a liver transplant patient? He wound up dying because of not getting on a flight. Just because they are the only airline around doesn't mean they can treat the communities of Southeast like this.

I find it interesting that nobody remembers the good things that Alaska Airlines has done and what a good corporate neighbor they have been. I guess when the dog is down, everybody kicks it.

I still can't get over the My Turn about the bullies at ADOT&PF. It took something the boys there obviously don't have for that woman employee to challenge this department's attitude toward women. It's time they grew up.

My hats off to the brave women that wrote a letter about DOT. That stuff has been going on for years. When is someone going to own up and put a stop to it?

DOT may be run poorly. But the worst section of all is procurements. There are at least four grievances against the supervisors and more to come. We're not bad employees; we have incompetent supervisors.

I continue to disagree with Judge Weeks that everyone has run red lights. A man's life is worth more than six months of incarceration.

It's interesting that the article about gas prices falling in Alaska ran on the day when one of the stations in town raised their prices by six cents.

Motorized paragliders should be subject to the same restrictions as tour helicopters and float planes under CBJ's voluntary compliance guidelines, that is no flying after 7 p.m. The paraglider noise is pervasive and annoying over Gastineau channel.

I was wrong to joke about calling the cops on the eagle feeder. The other guy was right about watching them. Anyone chumming whales with herring should be placed under observation.

In response to the guy who was chumming for whales, I doubt he is a charter boat captain. Most charter boat captains are pretty good guys. It's against the law to feed herring to any marine mammals, but it is not against the law to feed herring to eagles. I hope he learns.

If we ever get a new swimming pool. I would appreciate it if someone would put in a pool just for babies and little kids under 3. I took my kids to the swimming pool and it was an animal house with 10- and 12-year-olds jumping in and out of the pool. There should be a baby pool.

Shame on the lady with the four little kids who wasn't holding any of their hands in the parking lot. Several people swerved not to hit them. She's lucky she does not have a dead child. Wake up.

It's pretty sad when you have to pay 3.5 million dollars to upgrade a school. Why don't you build a brand new high school? We need it.

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