Foreign flagged

Posted: Sunday, June 23, 2002

The letter from Paul Wescott is well taken. I wonder how many cruise ship passengers are aware that Carnival Cruise Line has again been fined over the discharge of ballast water. It was determined that special piping and valves have been installed on some of their ships so that fresh water is recorded as being discharged ballast water. Ballast water is supposed to be discharged through a system to detect and report the amount of pollutants. The ballast water is then dumped into the bays, rivers or sea. Royal Caribbean was also fined for similar practices with used residual oil.

The foreign flagged cruise lines, as long as 50 percent owned by aliens, do not pay any federal corporate income taxes on the billions they rake in from U.S. residents.

The foreign flagged cruise ship owners or operators are a cabal of scoundrels, scalawags and carpetbaggers. They take advantage of every and any U.S. law that benefits them but flout any laws that they do not like.

Hermann Paul

Palm Desert, Calif.

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