Don't restrict student clothing at JDHS

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, June 23, 2004

We're high schoolers, meaning that we're responsible enough to understand how to dress. We're old enough to where our moms don't have to lay out our next day's outfit, and now here we are again as little children being dressed up, and this time by the School Board?

I've always looked at the way I dress as a way to sort of express how I feel. For example, if it's cold outside, then I'll wear jeans and a sweater, or if it's hot, then it would make sense to wear something less (and when I say something less I don't mean skanky). I could maybe understand why we wouldn't be allowed to wear shirts with any sign of drug use or alcoholism, but the hoodies, contacts and sunglasses thing has gone way too far. First of all, a hood is a hood and whether you're cold or having a bad hair day then that is what a hood is used for. Sunglasses and "disturbing" contacts are what we teens call fashion statements, but they wouldn't know. Yes, it is not attractive to show too much belly or too much legs, but what exactly is "too much belly" or "too much leg" and what if my arms are short? Does that mean I can wear short skirts? And I agree that spiked belts and chains are fashion statements. I haven't seen them be used as weapons yet. And if they let us wear them on the airplane then we might as well just wear them everywhere else.

Seriously, what's next? School uniforms and security checks at every entrance? I don't see the distraction in wearing spaghetti-strap tank tops or sagging jeans and the only person who should be paying attention to that is the person wearing the clothes. If it comforts them and makes them feel better then it really shouldn't bother anyone - I just call it treating people equally. But we really need to get real here and stop laying out lists of things we can and can't wear because the high school has gone way too far and I'm glad I only have one more year of it.

Sabrina Javier


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